Active Dansa opened in September 2017, starting in a church hall and moving to their own studio in 2018. Since then the school has grown from strength to strength welcoming students of all ages and abilities. Founded by Mariona Pena with the vision and desire of creating a dance school where students can develop their full potential in Dance and Performing Arts.

At Active Dansa we pride ourself on providing rigurous dance programs with a professional approach but always accompanied with a caring and warm environment. We consider our school a big dancing family and building a sense of community is one of our most valued principles.

Active Dansa strives to provide high quality dance education and our staff are constantly taking courses to keep up to date with the latest dance teaching techniques. Active Dansa is an approved examination centre by Bbodance(British Ballet Organisation), Certified Acrobatic Arts studio and a member of I-Path (International Performing Arts and Theatre).

From beginners to vocational level, Active Dansa caters for everyone. We love getting to know every single one of our students and work with their individual skills to help them achieve their goals. Our passionate and friendly team are always here to support you.

We offer inclusive dance programs for children from the age of 30 months, teenagers and adults with the aim of providing a complete dance journey where discipline and enjoyment are guaranteed. We offer a wide range of dance classes including Ballet, Introduction to Dance, Modern Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Street Dance, Musical Theatre (Singing and Drama), Acrodance and Dance Technique.

Our students get the opportunity to perform in two annual show cases, Christmas and May/June.

Competitions and examinations opportunities are also offered in many dance genres.

our core values


by believing in every single one of our students and making them believe in their potential. Encouraging a can-do attitude in all of our classes.


Our principle is to ensure students love what they do and feel good about it. We strongly believe that results are achieved when students enjoy dancing and understand this is their own individual journey, unique and special.


by being approachable and providing students a safe place to express their feelings and find the support they need when they need it. By applying safe teaching techniques that promote the wellbeing of our students both mentally and physically.


by promoting dancing not only as a physical activity but as an intellectual and creative development. Our teachers are EDUCATORS and we are constantly updating our knowledge to offer a holistic approach to dance training which goes beyond the physical aspect of dance.